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Cate Schlagel in white lace dress by a red vintage truck, hair blowing in wind
Cate Schlagel Grows Into a Future Farmer and Educator

Follow Cate Schlagel's inspiring journey as she navigates loss, compassion, and her deep-rooted passion for agriculture.

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Kaylee Williamson in purple dress on beach, looking over shoulder at camera.
Kaylee Williamson Overcomes Anxiety and Champions Compassion

Discover how soccer, supportive teachers and family, and a focus on mental health shaped Kaylee Williamson.

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Honey Salgado-Parra black dress, glasses, stands in front of trees in park
Honey Salgado-Parra Adapts Cultural Riches Into Academic Excellence

Read about Honey Salgado-Parra's inspiring journey from navigating language barriers to thriving academically, epitomizing the transformative power of education and perseverance.

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Dawson Leypoldt in a cowboy hat leans on the fence with a welding mask and letter jacket with a rustic field backdrop
Dawson Leypoldt Forges Forward to Find His Voice

Discover the inspiring journey of Dawson Leopoldt, a high school senior with a rare neurological condition, as he overcomes challenges, finds his passion in welding, and works toward a bright future.

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Ari Everett-Allen smiles while leaning against a stone wall, wearing a white top and plaid jacket.
Ari Everett-Allen Shifts Struggles to Success

Discover Ari's empowering story of self-advocacy and transformation as she navigates challenges to find her path to success.

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High school graduate walk down Truscott hallway as teachers and elementary students cheer them on
Celebrate the Journey to Graduation

As we celebrate our graduating seniors, we also celebrate the levels of learning from elementary and middle school that prepare students for high school graduation.

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Strive 2025

Thompson School District's Strive 2025 Strategic Plan outlines key success factors to become a premier district of distinction, aligning with the competencies defined in the Portrait of a TSD Graduate to achieve our vision.

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Elementary student wearing headphones prepares to take a writing assessment

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Walt Clark Middle School student uses iPad to control a drone

Portrait of a TSD Graduate

High school student takes notes next to beakers in chemistry classroom

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