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Annual Notification to Parents/Guardians

Behavioral Code of Conduct
Board of Education Policies

Rights and Responsibilities of Students and Parents

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Background Information


The Board of Education believes that effective student discipline is a prerequisite for sound educational practice and productive learning. The objectives of disciplining any student must be to help the student develop self-discipline, responsibility, respect for self and others, and socially acceptable behavior.

All policies and procedures for handling student discipline shall be designed to achieve these broad objectives.

The Board, in accordance with applicable law, has adopted a written student conduct and discipline code based upon the principle that every student is expected to follow accepted rules of conduct and to show respect for and to obey persons in authority. The code also emphasizes that certain behavior, especially behavior that disrupts the classroom, is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action. The code shall be enforced uniformly, fairly and consistently for all students.

Student discipline shall be carried out with dignity and empathy. To ensure equity in discipline, schools will strive to eliminate disproportionality in discipline, reduce exclusionary discipline, create a positive school climate and culture, and incorporate social emotional learning, shared decision-making, positive behavior interventions and supports, and restorative practices.

All Board-adopted policies and Board-approved regulations containing the letters "JK" in the file name constitute the discipline section of the legally required code.

The Board shall consult with administrators, teachers, parent/guardians, students and other members of the community in the development and review of the student conduct and discipline code.

The purpose of this resource is to outline student rights and responsibilities and provide the guidelines/rules which make up the "Discipline Code" for the Thompson School District. Policies covering information required by law to be communicated to students and parents/guardians are listed in this document. Questions concerning this document may be directed to individual building principals, the Directors of Elementary Education, Secondary Education, or Student Success, or the district superintendent.

Distribution of Conduct and Discipline Code

The Code of Conduct (Board Policy JICDA) shall be provided to each student and the student’s parents/guardians upon enrollment in elementary, middle and high school. Copies of the Code of Conduct shall be available in each school of the district. In addition, any significant change in the Code shall be provided to students and made available in each school.

This Resource Contains Policies Required by Law to be Distributed to Students and Parents/Guardians

Each of the following policies is available for review by clicking on the policy title.