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Educational Equity


The Thompson School District (TSD) Board of Education annually reviews student outcome data that shows ongoing disparities in reading, math, behavior, and graduation. They felt a sense of urgency to address these identified concerns.

In September 2019, Dr. Schaffer asked the Director of Language, Culture, and Equity to create an Educational Equity Policy for the district. The Director and colleagues worked closely with the TSD Community and the Board of Education to build a common language and understanding of equity, and to uncover their desires and commitments as stakeholders to address equity across the TSD system.

The Educational Equity Policy was developed from the stakeholder input. The policy included guidance for the Educational Equity Framework.

The Equity Framework defines the infrastructure for active implementation in the Thompson School District. It consists of a description of the History and Background of this innovative plan, District Commitment, Equity Beliefs, and the five-year TSD Educational Equity Implementation Plan.

“Educational equity” means a commitment to ensure that each student receives what they need to succeed (Blankstein & Noguera, 2015) by:

  1. raising the learning outcomes of all students while improving the performance of historically marginalized students; 

  2. eliminating the disproportionality of which student groups occupy the highest and lowest achievement categories, including rates of graduation, by eliminating barriers to access and opportunity.

Student Data through an Equity Lens

Data shared here demonstrates some of the equity data stories in TSD. Achieving educational equity would mean that EACH child graduates from high school on time and would be reading, writing, and engaging in accurate numeracy by third grade and throughout their time as a student. Graduation rates by race and by student group show the disparate outcomes between students. i-Ready scores show the disparities among students based on their race and ethnicity who are mid- or above grade level, early on grade level, or one to three grade levels below their peers in Literacy.

On-Time Graduation Rates

Relative Literacy Achievement and Growth

Educational Equity Dashboard

The following information lists the Superintendent's Cabinet's work on implementing equity across their divisions in Year One (2022-2023). The progress for their strategies is noted under each focus area as a completed action step. This information was shared with the TSD School Board of Education in June 2023.

Panel listens to feedback from community members in classroom