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Professional Learning for Equity

Focus Area 4

Dr. María Gabriel presenting at EC-12. (Desired Outcomes 1.1, 2.2, 2.4, 2.5)


Job-embedded learning is provided for all staff to engage in culturally relevant and equitable practices.

Theory of Action

If we build the capacity of the TSD community to demonstrate culturally relevant pedagogy and equitable practices, then we will bring about the conditions and skill sets needed to ensure educational benefit to each of our students. should be exposed to different cultures so that they know and have more experience with different people for they’re lifetime and so they don't judge others.

I think this is a good idea because the teachers and staff should understand the students they teach and interact with

— Elementary students from Dr. Schaffer’s Student Advisory Council, 2022

It’s extremely important and a good idea because learning about my culture has made me feel better and let me focus more on learning the material instead of thinking about/researching things on my own time. It also allows me to feel closer to the teacher/staff that’s teaching me. is super important to know and understand someone’s background and cultural perception.

— Middle school students from Dr. Schaffer’s Student Advisory Council, 2022

Progress on TSD's Educational Equity Implementation Plan Year 2 (2023-2024)