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Strive 2025

Early Childhood student completes board puzzle in classroom

Thompson School District's Strive 2025 Strategic Plan is focused on providing a road map for our work as a district. The four Focus Areas address the key success factors that are necessary to be a premier district of distinction. The plan defines our areas of focus and how we will achieve our vision while supporting students in reaching the competencies in our Portrait of a TSD Graduate.

Portrait of a TSD Graduate

High school student takes notes next to beakers in chemistry classroom

We believe it is imperative that our students are well prepared to contribute in their community and compete in a global economy. The competencies in our Portrait of a TSD Graduate are embedded in the daily interactions between students and staff.


  • Incorporates effective reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for various purposes
  • Adapts communication style to the audience
  • Uses technological skills and digital tools to explore and exchange ideas

Critical Thinker

  • Engages in problem-solving, inquiry and design of innovative solutions to overcome obstacles to improve outcomes
  • Demonstrates divergent and ingenious thought to enhance the design-build process
  • Evaluates and analyzes ideas and information sources for validity, relevance and impact


  • Seeks career pathways and opportunities
  • Uses time and financial resources wisely to set goals, complete tasks and manage projects
  • Engages in reflection for individual improvement and advocacy


  • Works effectively with others to achieve group goals
  • Takes actions that respect the needs and contributions of others
  • Positively facilitates and contributes to teamwork


  • Contributes talents toward solutions that benefit the broader community through service
  • Shows empathy, compassion, and respect for others
  • Demonstrates civic responsibility

Focus Areas

Elementary student wearing headphones prepares to take a writing assessment

Student Achievement

Thompson School District is dedicated to preparing each and every student for life beyond the walls of our schools. Thompson School District staff focus on educating “the whole child,” helping to ensure that students are able to demonstrate their learning in meaningful ways and move forward in life as healthy and strong individuals.

Inclusive and Supportive Culture

Thompson School District believes in school and administrative campuses that foster a welcoming environment, a feeling of hope, a sense of belonging and a safe environment where students, families, staff and community members will feel supported and comfortable in their growth.

Teacher leans down to help elementary school student with math homework
MVHS teacher leans down to assist student using Chromebook to complete classwork

Human Talent

Thompson School District will invest in teachers, leaders and support staff to ensure we create the most impactful learning conditions that enable students to reach their full potential. TSD will be a “destination of choice” for individuals who are seeking a rewarding profession that empowers and inspires them to become difference-makers.

Stewardship of Resources

As a public taxpayer-funded organization, Thompson School District will continue to be an accountable entity that is fiscally responsible, efficient in its use of resources and transparent in its continued partnership with the community.

Walt Clark Middle School student uses iPad to control a drone