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Human Talent

Focus Area 3

MVHS teacher leans down to assist student using Chromebook to complete classwork

Thompson School District will invest in teachers, leaders and support staff to ensure we create the most impactful learning conditions that enable students to reach their full potential. Thompson School District will be a “destination of choice” for individuals who are seeking a rewarding profession that empowers and inspires them to become difference-makers.

Strategic Goal

Thompson School District will maintain an annual staff retention rate of 85% or greater.

Indicators of Success

  • Recruitment and retention of high-quality staff
  • Continuous improvement and growth mindset
  • Satisfactory culture and climate surveys

What We Will Use to Measure Our Progress

Retention of Workforce
Staff Satisfaction Surveys
Quantity and Quality of Applicants
Number of Staff Vacancies on the First Day of School
Exit Survey Data
Culture and Climate Surveys
Personnel Turnover Rates
Educator Effectiveness Data
Professional Learning Opportunities Provided and Accessed
Regional Comparison of Salaries and Benefits


  • Shortage of qualified applicants
  • Changing workforce needs
  • Lack of professional development opportunities that address the individual needs of employees


  • Monitor personnel turnover rates
  • Improve and enhance continuous improvement opportunities for employees and develop effective onboarding practices
  • Monitor and evaluate the culture and climate of the district

Desired Outcomes and Progress

Last updated in January 2024

Each outcome was assigned a progress score from 1 (Not Started) to 5 (Maintaining).


Not Started



On Track


Next Steps

Explore and implement recruit and retain strategies for the 2024-25 hiring season.