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Stewardship of Resources

Focus Area 4

Walt Clark Middle School student uses iPad to control a drone

As a public taxpayer-funded organization, Thompson School District will continue to be an accountable entity that is fiscally responsible, efficient in its use of resources and transparent in its continued partnership with the community.

Strategic Goal

Thompson School District will maintain fiscal solvency through an annual balanced budget while meeting the current and future needs of the district.

Indicators of Success

  • Transparency in the use of resources
  • Prioritization of capital and human resources to support mission and vision
  • Community partnerships

What We Will Use to Measure Our Progress

Financial Transparency
Data on the Efficiency of Operations
District Resources Allocated or Saved Through Partnerships and Volunteer Hours
Budget Analysis
Community Involvement with Citizen Boards and Oversight Committees
Audit Results


  • Finite resources of the district in a continually changing landscape
  • Reporting financial data that is easily understood
  • Aging systems, infrastructure and equipment
  • Student population growth and decline patterns


  • Create, implement and maintain long-range resource plans
  • Maintain and improve budget templates, processes and procedures to ensure alignment of available resources with priorities of the district
  • Enhance reporting of financial data in a clear, understandable format

Desired Outcomes and Progress

Last updated in January 2024

Each outcome was assigned a progress score from 1 (Not Started) to 5 (Maintaining).


Not Started



On Track