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Business Partnership Opportunities

Bank of Colorado apprenticeship

Why Should You Host a Student Intern?

  • Gain exposure to new talent early in their career journey while diversifying your talent pool and bringing new perspectives and ideas to your organization
  • Provide professional development opportunities for employees to serve as mentors
  • Increase brand recognition and reputation
  • Support our local community and workforce development

Connect with a TSD Student Intern today! Learn more about the Pathfinder Internship Program here.

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Why Should You Hire a Youth Apprentice?

  • Reduce turnover costs and increase your employee retention rate
  • Recruit and develop a highly trained workforce for hard-to-fill positions
  • Create industry-driven and flexible training solutions to meet your organization's needs
  • Positive ROI based on the value of apprentices' productivity

Let's build your apprentice program today!  Learn more about the Pathfinder Apprenticeship Program here

We are happy to connect you with CareerWise Colorado or help you design your own apprenticeship program.

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Connect with a TSD Student Intern or Apprentice!

Contact Susan Scott, Business Community Coordinator - or 970.541.1232