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Coaches Sponsors and Volunteers

Welcome Staff Sponsors, Coaches, and Volunteers

Thank you for agreeing to be a building sponsor, coach or volunteer for district-sponsored enrichment at your school. Below are the steps to follow to make sure you are meeting all requirements for enrichment programs in your building. Contact the Enrichment Office if you have questions, requests for reimbursement, materials to turn in, or are looking for additional support.

Have a great season!

Step 1 - Agreement for District Sponsorship

Before you begin meeting with students, declare your intent to be district-sponsored or district-supported by completing the "Agreement for District Sponsorship" form and promptly returning it to the Enrichment Office via email or intra-district mail. 

Step 2 - Permission Forms

Parents/guardians of students that participate in enrichment programming must complete an annual Enrichment Permission to Participate form.

Parents may complete the form in a variety of ways:

Look up a student in Infinite Campus.

  • Click on the permission tab.
  • Look for the enrichment permission box.
  • If you want to see if a student can be photographed, check the Photo Release box.

Step 3 - Reimbursements

Reimbursement requests must be approved PRIOR to the purchase of program registration. A valid receipt will be required once approval has been given and prior to the reimbursement journal entry

Step 4 - District Policy Requirements

Per district policy, all district-sponsored enrichment programs must comply with the following:  

  • Teams must provide written notice to the enrichment office of any volunteers or leaders, and when changes may occur, as stated in district policy KBF
  • Volunteer contact information can be entered on the Agreement for District Sponsorship form, for your convenience
    • All program volunteers must be registered in VITAL - Volunteer Registration
    • If your volunteers have previously registered in VITAL, they may need to update where they will be volunteering (school/building) in VITAL.
  • Teams must provide documentation to the district enrichment coordinator regarding student fees and expenditures, as stated in district policy KBF
  • Teams/organizations may be subject to an audit by the district enrichment coordinator to ensure compliance to district policy KBF
  • Teams and events will be held to district policy KBF, KF and KF-R regarding facility usage requirements and fees
  • Teams must engage in activities that support curriculum as stated in district policy KBF
  •  They will follow their own rules and bylaws, constitutions, etc. as stated in district policy KBF
  •  Teams will incur organization and competition fees

Out of State Travel/Field Trip Forms

If your team intends to attend an out-of-district event or anticipates any type of fundraising, please fill out the request forms when you begin meeting. It is easier to cancel an approved trip or fundraising, than it is to add them at the last minute. The Enrichment Office can facilitate this process.

District transportation should be requested and made available for your students. We may be able to reserve a single bus for several teams. If you've offered district transportation, but parents will be driving their own children, please contact our office.


All fundraising must be pre-approved through the Athletics and Activities Office. Please contact Deb Huffsmith for more information.