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Math Olympiads

District Math Olympiads Square-Off Tournament

Saturday, March 30,  2024

9 am-Noon

TSD Administration Building - Boardroom

800 S. Taft Ave.,

Loveland, CO 80537

Math Olympiads (MOEMS) is a program that consists of math problem-solving contests for teams of students in grades 4 and 5.

The goals of MOEMS are:
  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for mathematics
  • To introduce important mathematical concepts
  • To teach major strategies for problem-solving
  • To develop mathematical flexibility in solving problems
  • To strengthen mathematical intuition
  • To foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity
  • To provide the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

Past participating schools are: 
  • BF Kitchen
  • Big Thompson
  • Cottonwood Plains
  • Coyote Ridge
  • High Plains
  • Ivy Stockwell
  • Monroe
  • Riverview


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