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"There is no silver bullet to motivate gifted children."

Del Siegle, Ph.D.

Gifted kids are the ones who never miss an assignment, never struggle with concepts or tasks. They are supposed to be the perfect students. Smart kids who struggle are just lazy. Or are they?

Making a difference: motivating gifted students who are not achieving

5 Reasons Gifted Kids Aren't Motivated, Plus 5 Ways to Cope

Are you parenting a gifted child who struggles with motivation? Here are 5 reasons why that happens, and 5 ways to...

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There are many strategies for motivating students. However, any one technique may not be appropriate for all students at the same time nor effective for even one student for extended periods of time. Motivational strategies need to be...

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The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.

How to Keep Gifted Kids Motivated

Ever laid awake nights wondering how to keep gifted kids motivated? Ever torn your hair out wondering how to keep gifted kids motivated?

Spoiler: I don’t have the answer.

The reason there’s no answer is that the intervention will only work if...

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Recapturing the Joy of Learning

We all know a child who at one time made weekly trips to the library to check out “literally every book” about one topic but, with time, seemingly loses interest. Eventually that child, or teen, is doing the minimum to get by; sometimes the minimum is a good day!

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Gifted and Underachieving…

The Twice Exceptional Learner

Jason failed to hand in completed work in Honors and AP classes which compromised his grades. Sophie is often impulsive and distracted in class, is argumentative, and doesn’t get along with her peers. Trevor hates school where he spends an hour each day in the resource room for help with math and writing. Yet, Trevor is a passionate musician.

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Parenting Strategies to Motivate Underachieving Gifted Students

The underachievement of capable children is an area of concern for many parents and educators. Although the study of student underachievement has...

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Navigating An Uncertain Future: Applying The New Science of Purpose In School & Life

Children are innately purposeful: They are intrinsically motivated to engage in the world. As parents, our role isn’t to find our kids’ purpose, but to cultivate it in a world obsessed with performance. Join award-winning educator, clinical therapist and author Tim Klein as he shares evidence-based best practices to guide parents of children in a rapidly changing world. 

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Family Passion Projects: An Opportunity to Learn and Grow Together

Andi McNair is a former gifted educator who believes that educators and families must be creative in designing experiences that will engage and empower our gifted children.   

October 24, 2023 - 6-7 pm 

Family Passion Projects Gifted Parent Night

English/Español Flyer

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Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us



  • The wrong kind creates self-defeating behavior in students
  • The right kind motivates students 
We often hear these days that we've produced a generation of young people who can't get through the day without an award. They expect success because they're special, not because they've worked hard. 
Have we inadvertently done something to hold back our students? 




Are we really so different from our kids?

My only real motivation is not to be hassled...


The problem isn't with Peter.....