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Intent to Homeschool Notification:


Do you have the intent to Homeschool?

Please complete this:

Online Homeschool Notification form

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or download, print, and send in this:

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Upon review by the Thompson School District, and if it is applicable, your school will be notified of your student's transition to Homeschool.

If you would prefer to send a written letter with intent to homeschool, please be sure you include:

  1. The student's name,
  2. The age of the student,
  3. The place of residence where homeschooling will take place,
  4. The name of the guardian who will be overseeing the homeschool process, and
  5. Number of attendance hours for each child that will be participating in the home school program. 

This letter should be emailed to
or mailed to:

ATTN: Learning Services Homeschool
Thompson School District
800 S. Taft Avenue, Loveland
Colorado, 80537 

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and eligible students certain privacy rights with respect to educational records, including the right to inspect and review educational records, the right to request amendments to those records and to limit disclosure of information from the records.  Please be aware that by submitting electronically or in hard copy your intent to homeschool, the Thompson School District (TSD) will maintain the document you provide, and, in accordance with FERPA and District policy, will only disclose information from it to school officials in the TSD Homeschool Office who have a legitimate educational interest in to communicating with you about required assessments and notify school administration of your student’s disenrollment status.

If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact


Please contact TSD Learning Services
for homeschooling assistance.

800 S. Taft Avenue
Loveland, CO 80537

Phone: (970) 613-5087