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Digital Media Literacies 

The department coordinates the K-12 libraries and K-5 innovation labs.


The Department of Digital Media Literacies is dedicated to supporting the development of future-ready readers, thinkers, innovators, inquirers, and collaborators; to inspire and empower the lifelong pursuit of learning and the ethical and responsible use of information and technology. 


The Department of Digital Media Literacies connects staff, students, and families by providing learner-centered environments rich in literature and innovative technologies.  By working with all stakeholders to coordinate and communicate the systemic work around the transformation of teaching and learning, every student has an equitable, effective, and safe learning environment with resources needed to learn, grow, and become productive members of the community and society.

Utilizing frameworks from the Portrait of a TSD Graduate, AASL Foundations, and the 2018 National School Library Standards crosswalk with ISTE Standards for students and educators, we teach, inspire, and empower students in the ethical and responsible use of information literacy, inquiry, technology literacy, and digital citizenship.

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