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Dual Language Immersion


Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program is part of the Curriculum and Learning Design Department. The Thompson School District offers Dual Language Immersion  Program in Spanish in six schools: Truscott Elementary School, Cottonwood Plains Elementary School, Bill Reed Middle School, Lucile Erwin Middle School, Loveland High School, and Thompson Valley High School.

The DLI Program is an academic program that enhances the development of content in two languages English and Spanish, as well as literacy in both languages, so that students will graduate ready for college, career, and life in a globally competitive economy and a collaborative global community. This unique program builds student linguistic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in both English and Spanish. Students learn standards-based content as they become linguistically and academically proficient in two languages.

How does the program work?

Elementary K-5

The Dual Language two teacher team plan and work together to deliver the TSD Curriculum.

Students learn academic content in Spanish 50% and in English 50% of the time at the elementary level.

Middle School 6-8

At the middle school level students have two DLI courses. (DLI Spanish and TSD social studies curriculum taught in Spanish for grades 6-8).

High School 9-12

At the high school level students take advanced Spanish language courses.

Instructional Model-Two Teacher Team


The Dual Language two-teacher team plans and works together to deliver the TSD Curriculum.

K-2 The English speaking teachers use half of the instructional day to teach English language arts and portions of social studies and science and the K-2 Spanish speaking teachers use the other half of the day to teach Spanish literacy and math, from the grade appropriate level of the Colorado State Standards.

3-5 The English speaking teachers highlight English literacy and math and the 3-5 Spanish speaking teachers focus on Spanish literacy, social studies, and science.

Teachers use the Thompson School District curriculum documents in literacy, math and other content areas.


Toni Theisen

Toni Theisen
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Dual Language Immersion /
World Language

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