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Early Childhood

“Children and Families Empowered for a Lifetime of Learning”

The mission of the Thompson Integrated Early Childhood Program is to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate education and family centered services that value and respect the diversity of individual children and families. Through collaboration with community and educational resources, we will strive to identify and alleviate barriers that interfere with the ability of families and children to reach their full potential.

The Thompson Integrated Early Childhood Program provides quality preschool experiences and specialized services for up to 700 three and four year olds who are eligible for free preschool or a tuition-pay option.

Program Strengths

Integrated Classes

Children from any of the funding sources (Head Start, Special Education, Colorado Preschool Program, Tuition-Pay) may be enrolled in preschool classes. Two of our classrooms are Intensive Learning Centers (ILCs) as an option for preschoolers with severe special needs; these children spend time in the integrated settings as they are ready.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our school district’s early childhood program employs over 120 staff members to support the program. Our teaching staff are licensed with the state and have master’s or BS/BA in Early Childhood Special Education. Our paraprofessionals are Early Childhood Teacher qualified.

Family Partnerships

Family involvement in our early childhood program is fostered through planned activities, parent/teacher conferences, volunteer and leadership opportunities, and ongoing communication with parents/guardians.

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Early Childhood Education at Stansberry

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