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Loveland area Integrated School of the Arts (LISA)

What is LISA?

Loveland Integrated School of the Arts (LISA) is an academic program that deepens understanding and enhances learning for all students by infusing arts instruction into core content classes.

Why choose LISA?

Integrated Approach

Arts integration uses the arts as a catalyst to instruct and assess equitably through naturally aligned cross-curricular academic standards.


Arts integration differentiated inquiry engages all learners in exploring, conceptualizing, and demonstrating deeper meanings in core subject areas.


Arts integration allows students to put their unique voices into meaning, thinking, and reasoning behind ever-evolving academic concepts.


Arts integration embraces process-based values that allow students to gain the confidence to approach unknown concepts with a growth mindset.


Arts integration develops learners with a deeper, broader, enduring knowledge base and impacts the whole child's academic, social, and emotional aspects.

Additional reasons to choose Loveland Integrated School of the Arts

Studies show that engaging learning experiences with the arts deepen student understanding. Art integration attributes to

  • better attendance rates,
  • academic excellence,
  • improved creative problem-solving skills,
  • increased community and parent involvement, and
  • the development of young artists whose 21st-century skills translate to success throughout their lives.

Historical Background

In 2007, Thompson School District partnered with the Erion Foundation for developmental and financial support of this innovative teaching and learning program. LISA prepares students for success in the 21st century in an active and dynamic academic environment; this perfectly complements the vibrant and world-renowned arts community of Loveland, Colorado.

LISA Schools

Garfield Grizzlies logo

Garfield Elementary School

Arts integration for K-5

Bill Reed Wolfpack Fiercely committed

Bill Reed Middle School

Arts integration for Grades 6-8

Mountain View High School logo

Mountain View High School

Arts integration for Grades 9-12

Attend a LISA School

Thompson School District students residing outside the Garfield Elementary, Bill Reed Middle, or Mountain View High School attendance areas may request a transfer during the open enrollment period. Mountain View High School students must apply to the program.

Is there a cost for LISA?

There is no fee to participate in the LISA program, although certain extracurricular activities or field trips may have a separate fee.

LISA Curators


Laura Bess profile photo

Laura Bess

Garfield Elementary School LISA Coordinator

Heather Hanks profile photo

Heather Hanks

Bill Reed Middle School LISA Coordinator

Danielle Balliet profile photo

Danielle Balliet

Mountain View High School LISA Coordinator