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For over 15 years, Thompson Online and SOARS have been supporting hundreds of part-time and full-time online students with online learning options, and in-person lab-supported options in the Thompson School District. These programs support students district wide in grades 5 - 12.

Thompson Online (TOL) supports students working off campus in grades 5 - 12.  In order to be successful, full-time TOL students must be self-motivated and need to plan to spend the equivalent of a full school day, five days a week, actively working on coursework. If the student is not disciplined and organized, or if the student requires the face-to-face interaction that a traditional classroom provides, full-time online learning may not be the best schooling option. 

TOL also provides part-time options. Many of the students are enrolled in a traditional school during part of the day, and they do online work for the rest.

SOARS  supports grades 9 - 12 in a lab. It is a hybrid online and in-person program with required attendance in a scheduled lab. SOARS is for students who need a different environment to work, and who need support from a teacher in a quiet, small setting. Many SOARS students are recovering credits from previously unsuccessful classes. 

It is important to note that students are not automatically accepted as online students. Previous online success, credit recovery needs, and student accommodation and modification needs are taken into account when accepting or denying students (these are team decisions). Students might also be given limited enrollment or placement depending on what the Online Team and Online Administration determine. Unlike during Covid, our online programs do not have separate Counseling and ESS support for students; those needs and services must be provided and agreed upon by the student's home school.

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