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Thompson Online (TOL)

TOL (student created logo)

Thompson Online requires self-disciplined students, along with parents/guardians who are willing to work in partnership with the TOL staff.

An online education is not easy or fast.

We offer support through email, Google chat, and Google Meets. However, the students do the majority of the work independently with support from the software and lessons. 

Online education does not work for everyone.  This is usually not the right choice for a student who is more than a year behind in credits, has attendance issues in the brick and mortar environment, and/or struggles with reading.

For high school, Thompson Online provides an entire curriculum with classes ranging from Culinary, Biology, and Fine Art to Economics, and American Literature. 

Current High School Class Offerings

A recent review of our award winning software used for Grades 9-12. D2L: Brightspace


Application- Middle School Grades 6-8

Application- High School Grades 9-12