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February 24, 2023 Community Engagement Session

Board of Education Community Engagement Session
February 24, 2023

Thank you for joining us for the recent Board of Education community forum. Please see the tabs below for a list of comments that were provided at the session, as well as questions that were asked and answers that have been provided by district staff. We appreciate your support.

“Feel like there is distrust for teachers”
“More advanced planning for PD & give back more plan time for teachers”
“Need more consistent communication from transportation regarding delays”
“Concern regarding infrastructure at Namaqua Elementary School (need for an assessment fro criticality by third-party firm)”
“Student behavior concerns at schools (there is concern about the discipline matrix and continuity between schools)”
“Protocols for how we do student reunification/unplanned release (need to share plans more widely)”
“2024 Bond - maintenance and capital needs - salaries and other concerns”
“Need a discussion regarding classroom behavior - high impact schools”
“School safety and SRO staffing”
“Prioritize sustainability (focus on it) - waste/recycle”

If a threat to a school is identified we deploy a team to review and analyze what steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of our staff and students. Depending on the type of threat we either engage the School Resource Officer/Law enforcement or work directly with the student/staff member. From there multiple actions can be taken such as Standard Response Protocol (example - lockdown). We will then follow up with what information we can share with the community or students so they know the school is safe.

There are several factors we review to make the complex decision to close for safety reasons. Timing of storm compared to the school day, the safety of Transportation, and if we are in either a Winter Storm Warning Vs. Winter Storm Advisory. We also consult with a meteorologist for specific conditions in our area.

The budget process includes analyzing funding that's available, identifying areas of need of the District and budgeting resources to best address those areas. This includes allocation of staffing (FTE) largely associated with student count ratios and needs that have been identified. It also includes reviewing non-FTE ongoing and new expenditure items while also allowing for inflationary factors. This extensive budgeting process involves input from Planning, HR, department managers, Cabinet members, DAAC, other citizen committees, etc.

Library collections are a site-based decision. Individual schools may have different procedures for check-out of books. Policy regulation KEC-R and exhibit KEC-E provide the process for questioning materials. This begins at the school level.

We raised our beginning teacher salary to $43K yr and our classified salary to minimum of $15.67. We are in discussion for the 23-24 salaries.

Our social studies curriculum is based upon teaching of the Colorado State Standards in Social Studies, per state requirement. CDE Social Studies Standards

We currently raised our beginning teacher salary to $43K yr and restructured our salary matrix to have a higher end of career pay. We continue to have tuition reimbursement as a benefit and conversations to better meet the needs of our teachers.

TSD contiues to engage in conversations with teachers, parents, and principals in regards to school behaviors and how to best support the opportunities for students to learn in our classrooms.

Yes, The process of reunification is extensive and staff would be willing to present.

For new teachers, we can a one year induction program with an assigned mentor.

We support our new teachers through a mentoring program and a year-long induction program. We also provide 5 full days of professional development for every teacher in the district, as well as various listening sessions and committees whose work results in higher levels of support and awareness of what teachers need. Sometimes it is school-based needs, sometimes it is individual programs or subject areas.