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AEA, Standards-Based Education

AEA, Standards-Based Education

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The Board supports a system of education that develops and teaches standards that enable students to achieve the highest level of knowledge and skills. Academic standards will clearly identify what students should know and be able to do at key points in their school careers.

In accordance with state law, the Board has adopted a standards-based education system that focuses on student learning of content standards. It is the intent of the Board that the district’s program of instruction and assessments be aligned with content standards. In standards-based education, courses and units of study are clearly defined, understood by teachers and students, and communicated to staff members, families and the community. The district’s standard-based education system will advance equity, promote student learning and reinforce accountability.

The superintendent shall be responsible for developing a plan to implement content standards that meet or exceed the model state content standards. The plan shall ensure that the educational programs of the district actively address the needs of exceptional students and consciously avoid gender or cultural bias. The plan shall conform with all time lines established by law.

The district shall work with educators, parents, students, business persons, members of the community and the district accountability committee to review and revise content standards as necessary to ensure maximum effectiveness. Parents shall be kept informed of student progress in achieving content standards and how such progress will be measured. This information shall also be provided to the district and building advisory accountability committees.

Adopted August 6, 1997

Legal references

CRS 22-32-109(1)(r), (t)
CRS 22-53-401 et. seq.

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