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BC-E-2, Operational Norms for School Board Members

BC-E-2, Operational Norms for School Board Members

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Internal Board Member Relationships

  1. We will keep our discussion on topic at meetings.
  2. We will be prepared for meetings, including reading the agenda and any materials provided to the Board before the meeting and we will contact the Superintendent with agenda questions in advance of the meeting to allow the Superintendent and staff to gather the pertinent information.
  3. We will abide by the intent and letter of the open meetings law.
  4. We will work to be concise in our comments and avoid redundancy.
  5. We will listen to all with civility and the intent to understand.
  6. The Board President presides over the meeting and ensures that every Board member has a fair and equitable chance to speak without interruption.
  7. We will try to avoid surprises at meetings, by alerting the Superintendent to possible controversial items that may come up at a Board meeting.
  8. The Board President will summarize and clarify the outcome and/or general theme of a discussion or outcome of a Board action item before moving to the next agenda item.
  9. If the Board has reached the allotted time on an agenda item, the Board will make the decision whether to extend the time, table the item or take other action related to that agenda item.
  10. We will abide by legal requirements for confidentiality of records and information, including preserving the confidentiality of information presented and discussed in executive session.
  11. Any questions from Board members or requests for additional information will be made through the Superintendent or their designee.
  12. Generally, if one Board member asks for additional information or has a question of staff, the response will be shared with all Board members to ensure that all Board members have the same information (the Superintendent has the discretion to make this determination).
  13. When the Board takes a vote and has made a decision, we will recognize and acknowledge the final vote of the Board as an official decision. All Board members will accept and support the decision as the majority position in meetings and in the public.
  14. When speaking as an individual Board member, outside the Board meeting setting, comments will be prefaced with “I can’t speak for the Board, I’m speaking only as an individual Board member.”
  15. We recognize and respect a single official voice of the Board as that of the Board President. The President will respond in a timely manner to any and all official and public inquiries directed to the Board on behalf of the entire Board.

Revision History

  • Adopted March 20, 2013
  • Revised December 14, 2022