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CF, School Building Administration

CF, School Building Administration

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All administrators and supervisors of teachers or educational programs at the building level shall be properly licensed by the Colorado Department of Education in accordance with such standards as the State Board of Education may establish.

Each school in the district shall have a principal in charge who shall be directly responsible to the Superintendent.

In general, the principal shall have the responsibility of managing and directing all activity carried on in his school. A high school principal may, in addition, recommend the designation of individual teachers as department heads. An elementary principal may designate a teacher as head teacher to act in his behalf during his absences from the building.

The composition of departments in each secondary school and the designation of a head teacher in an elementary school shall be determined by the needs of the school and of the district. The usual departments are language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, school to career, fine arts, and the area of health, safety and physical education.

In general, the designation of department heads shall be influenced by the complexity of curriculum problems and the number of teachers within the proposed department. Designation of a chairman shall not be approved for any department having fewer than three teachers including the department head. A department head assignment shall be limited to a one-year term and subject to annual appointment upon the recommendation of the principal, based on evidence of productive effort on the part of the department head.

A department head in a secondary school shall be responsible for the effective operation of his department with respect to a complete implementation of the curriculum, leadership in the study and research necessary for curriculum development revision, and the professional growth of staff members assigned to his department.

Adopted prior to 1985
Revised to conform with practice: date of manual adoption
Updated September 2006
fm/jw - 10-02-06

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Contract Reference

TEA Agreement, Article 15 - Department Chairpersons