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D. Fiscal Management

Section D: Fiscal Management

Section D contains statements concerning district fiscal affairs and the management of district funds. Statements relating to the financial of school construction, however, are filed in the F (Facilities Development) section.

Policy Policy Title
DB Annual Budget
DBC Budget Planning, Preparation and Schedules
DBG Budget Adoption
DBG-E Budget Adoption
DBJ Budget Transfers
DC Short-Term Borrowing
DE Revenues From Tax Sources
DEA/FDA Bond Campaigns/Bonded Indebtedness
DEAA Mill Levy Elections
DEAB Senior Citizen Tax Work Off Program
DEAB-R Senior Citizen Tax Work Off Program
DEB/DEC Funds From State/Federal Tax Sources
DEB/DEC-R Funds From State/Federal Tax Sources
DFA/DFAA Revenues From Investments/Use of Surplus Funds
DFA/DFAA-R Statement of Investment Procedure
DFA/DFAA-E-1 Authorized Personnel
DFA/DFAA-E-2 Broker/Dealer Questionnaire
DFB Use of School Owned Real Estate for Telecommunications Installation
DFB*-R Use of School-Owned Property for Telecommunications Installations
DG Depository of Funds
DG-R Depository of Funds (and Receipt and Deposit of Money)
DG-E Designated Depositories
DGA/DGB Authorized Signatures/Check-Writing Services
DH Bonded Employees and Officers
DI Fiscal Accounting
DID Inventories (and Property Accounting)
DIE Audits
DJ/DJD Purchasing/Cooperative Purchasing
DJA Purchasing Authority
DJA-E Purchasing Authority Procedure/Levels
DJC/DJCA Purchasing Procedures / Petty Cash
DJG Vendor Relations
DK Payment Procedures
DKA Payroll Procedures / Schedules
DKAB Payroll Procedures / Schedules
DKAB-R Pay Day Schedules (Classified Staff)
DKB Salary Deductions
DKB-R Tax-Deferred Savings Plans
DKC Expense Authorization / Reimbursements
DN School Properties Disposition
DN-R School Properties Disposition Procedure