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ECA/ECAB, Security/Access to Buildings

ECA/ECAB, Security/Access to Buildings

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Security for district buildings and grounds (during regular school hours as well as non-school hours) contributes to the well-being and safety of students and staff as well as to that of the sites themselves. For safety and security purposes, access to school buildings, whether by students, staff members or visitors, shall be limited as deemed appropriate for each school building. Exterior doors for all school buildings must remain closed during regular school hours.

Each school building shall be inspected annually to address removal of hazards and vandalism and any other barriers to safety and supervision.

Alarm systems and other devices designed to protect buildings against illegal entry and vandalism may be installed where appropriate.

Adopted prior to 1985
Revised August 17, 1988
Revised April 3, 1991
Revised December 6, 2017
Revised June 20, 2018

Legal References

CRS 18-9-112 (definition of loitering)
CRS 18-9-117 (unlawful conduct on public property)
CRS 22-32-109.1 (5) (Board must adopt safety and security policy)

Cross Reference

KI, Visitors/Guests to Schools