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FBA, Planning Advisors

FBA, Planning Advisors

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The Board of Education shall appoint an ongoing, broad-based master plan committee (MPC) composed of staff and community members to develop and maintain the district long-range facilities master plan (LRFMP).

The MPC shall study current facility use, expected enrollment trends and the effects of changing educational practices on facility needs. Annually it shall report its findings to the Board, including analysis of options and recommended strategies for addressing district facility utilization and needs in an economic manner. Its recommendations should be consistent with Board policy and goals and aim at minimizing undesirable effects on the quality of the district educational program.

The MPC shall develop by-laws governing its membership, terms of service, meeting schedule and procedures and include these in the appendices of the district LRFMP.

The Board may also authorize the employment of professional consultants or advisors from outside agencies when specialized knowledge or services are required to supplement the efforts of district personnel or to assist the MPC.

Adopted November 1, 1995
Revised May 18, 2011

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