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GBGJ, Staff Bereavement Leave

GBGJ, Staff Bereavement Leave

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Bereavement leave shall be provided to all employees in accordance with this policy, unless otherwise provided in accordance with a negotiated agreement.

Full-time employees shall be allowed up to five days leave with full pay for a death in the employee’s immediate family. For purposes of this policy, the term “immediate family” includes a person who is related by blood, marriage, civil union, or adoption, anyone who lives in the employee’s household plus persons not in the employee’s household who are the employee’s children, step children, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law, parents, step-parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law, grandchildren, brothers, sisters,  brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, spouse, partner in a civil union or domestic partner and others with whom the employee has an unusually close relationship. Bereavement leave shall not be cumulative.

An employee may request up to five additional bereavement leave days subject to approval by the employee's supervisor/building principal. If approved, the additional days used shall be charged to the employee's annual leave.

Part-time employees shall be entitled to bereavement in the ratio that their service bears to full time service.

Bereavement leave may also be requested for a death outside the immediate family. Such leave shall require the approval of the employee’s supervisor/building principal and may not exceed one day. Exceptions may be granted by the employee’s supervisor/building principal with approval from the superintendent.

Adopted February 8, 1997
Reviewed April 1991
Revised April 2, 1997
Revised April 6, 2011
Revised May 16, 2012
Revised November 13, 2013
Revised February 3, 2021

Legal Reference

C.R.S. 14-15-101 et seq. (Colorado Civil Union Act)

Cross Reference

GBGG, Annual Leave

Contract Reference

TEA Agreement - Article 9, Leaves, Section 9-5, Bereavement Leave