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GDE/GDF, Classified and Non-Licensed Administrative, Professional, Technical Recruiting and Hiring

GDE/GDF, Classified and Non-Licensed Administrative, Professional, Technical Recruiting and Hiring

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The Board shall establish and budget for classified and non-licensed administrative/ professional/technical positions in the district on the basis of need and the financial resources of the district.


The recruitment and selection of candidates for these positions shall be the responsibility of the department of human resources who shall confer with principals and other supervisory personnel in making a selection. Paraprofessionals hired for Title I schools shall meet federal requirements.

All vacancies shall be made known to the present staff. Anyone qualified for a position may submit an application.

Applications for employment shall be made to the human resources office on district forms in accordance with established personnel procedures.

Background Checks

Prior to hiring any person, in accordance with state law, the district shall conduct background checks with the Colorado Department of Education and previous employers regarding the applicant's suitability for employment. In all cases where credit reports are used in the hiring process, the district shall comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

All applicants recommended for a position in the district shall submit a set of fingerprints and a form with information regarding felony or misdemeanor convictions as required by law. (This requirement shall not apply to any student applying for a job who is under the age of 18 and currently enrolled in the district.) Applicants may be conditionally employed prior to receiving the fingerprint results.


There shall be no discrimination in the hiring process on the basis of a person’s actual or perceived characteristics such as, but limited to, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, immigration/citizenship status, age, marital status, conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth, genetic information, mental or physical disability, or any other protected class in conformance with federal, state, and local law in admission or access to, or treatment and employment in its programs or activities.

The Board shall officially appoint all employees upon the superintendent's recommendation; however, temporary appointments may be made pending Board action.

Upon hiring of any employee, the district will forward in a timely fashion any information required by federal and state child support laws.

The following person/people has/have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:

Title IX/Employee ADA/Section 504/EEO Compliance Officer
Director of Human Resources
800 South Taft Avenue
Loveland, Colorado 80537
(970) 613-5009

Student ADA/Section 504 Compliance Officer
Executive Director of Student Support Services
800 South Taft Avenue
Loveland, Colorado 80537
(970) 613-5092

Adopted September 4, 1991
Revised March 2, 1994
Revised January 15, 2003
Revised February 4, 2004
Revised August 20, 2008
Revised June 20, 2012
Revised January 17, 2024

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Cross References

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