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JGA-E, Guidelines for Admission of Students and Acceptance of Credit from Home-Based Educational Programs and Other Non-Accredited Schools

JGA-E, Guidelines for Admission of Students and Acceptance of Credit from Home-Based Educational Programs and Other Non-Accredited Schools

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Whenever a student who has been enrolled in a home-based educational program or other non- accredited school wishes to enroll in a Thompson School District high school, the following shall apply:

  1. The student must have been registered through the district registration process prior to beginning public school instruction.
  2. The student must submit a transcript from the non-accredited school that reflects or has been converted to indicate class time requirements for the course that are comparable to the School District's time guidelines for the awarding of credit (32 hours per quarter credit).
  3. When registration materials have been completed and the other required documents have been received, the parent and student must meet with the administrator (and team) at the enrolled school to review requirements for admission and the determination of credits.
  4. The Enrolled School Administrator will prepare a transcript for the work to be submitted.
  5. To receive credit in the School District's required English, social studies, mathematics and science classes, the student must test out of these classes through the District's alternative testing program. An appointment can be made at Ferguson High School for this purpose.
  6. The student's eligibility to receive required credit is dependent upon the result of the test administered as provided in paragraph 5. For example, a student who does not test out of freshman civics must take the required 1.0 civics credit at a School District high school. If the student does not test out of second semester sophomore English, the student will be enrolled in the required second semester English at the appropriate high school.
  7. Credit for all non-accredited school work, when granted, will be recorded as a lump amount and given an "S" for passing work and a "U" for all failing work. A student completing a non- accredited school as a freshman might have 5.25 credits of elective classes with 4.25 receiving an "S" and 1.0 receiving a "U". Credit for required classes would only be granted through testing, as provided in paragraph 5 above.
  8. Students will receive no more than 8 credits for a year of full-time study.
  9. Students will not be counted in class ranks unless they have attended an accredited institution for three years.
  10. Grade point average (G.P.A.) will be calculated only for courses from an accredited institution.
  11. Students cannot be valedictorian or salutatorian unless all graduation requirements are met at an accredited institution. Therefore, students who have been home-schooled at any point in their high school career—or attended a non-accredited institution—and then brought credit that was transcripted and counts toward graduation will not be eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian.

Revision History

  • Adopted October 2014
  • Revised October 19, 2022