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JJIBA, Adding or Deleting Athletic and Activity Experiences

JJIBA, Adding or Deleting Athletic and Activity Experiences

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The Thompson School District currently offers a wide variety of interscholastic athletics and school-based activities for district students. Although these offerings differ by school, students in smaller schools may become members of interscholastic teams that exist in larger schools. The demand for certain athletics and activities may change over the years as enrollments change. The district will offer only interscholastic athletics for which the Colorado High School Activities Association offers a state culminating championship.
The following criteria will guide the process for adding or dropping athletic and activity programs:

  1. Every two years a formal survey will be taken of middle and high school students and their families to determine their perceptions of what new athletic and activity programs might enhance the overall educational program. This survey will be administered by the district Athletics and Activities Director in cooperation with the building Athletic Directors and the Director of Assessment and Student Growth.
  2. In terms of interscholastic athletics and competitive activities, the number of schools in the proximate geographical area or existing league structure available to complete a schedule will be considered. Typically, at least six other teams within eighty miles would need to be available in order for a new athletic program or activity to be justified.
  3. In terms of all athletics and activities, an analysis will be made of the following:
    1. ​Number of students indicating interest in the specific athletic or activity program
    2. Space availability
    3. Overall cost and method of funding to include transportation and faculty and administrative monitors
    4. Five-year projection of costs to maintain and/or expand the program
    5. Safety and liability issues
    6. Gender equity

Upon consideration of the above criteria, the district Director of Athletic and Activities, in cooperation with building principals and building athletic and activities directors, will submit a recommendation to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will determine whether or not to carry the recommendation forward to the Board of Education. All athletic and activity offerings will be reviewed on a two-year cycle.

Adopted February 6, 2002