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KEC-R, Public Complaints About the Curriculum or Instructional Resources

KEC-R, Public Complaints About the Curriculum or Instructional Resources

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If a complaint is made, the procedures will be as follows:

  1. Complaints, written or verbal, will first be referred to the principal of the school. The complaint will be courteously acknowledged without commitment as to final decision relative to the resources about which the complaint is made.
  2. The principal will notify the staff members directly involved with the material questioned. The principal will attempt to seek a resolution of differing opinions about the use of the material between the requestor and staff members.
  3. If the requestor is not satisfied after the conference, the requestor may file a written objection on the form provided for this purpose together with any additional written statement.

    The written objection will be filed with the principal who will forward it, along with a report of the conference concerning the request, to the appropriate executive director.
  4. The executive director will appoint a review committee to read and examine the resources in question and render its best judgment as to the appropriateness of the resources within 30 days of the date of receipt of the complaint from the principal. The committee will include persons generally recognized as competent and whose opinions are respected in the subject area being reviewed. A citizen representative on the committee is desirable.

    The committee, after its review, will make a recommendation to the Superintendent or designee regarding the material being requested for review. The recommendation may be submitted at the discretion of the superintendent to the Board of Education for decision.
  5. The requestor will be informed of the recommendation of the review committee and will have the opportunity, if desired, to appear before the Board to speak about the request made in writing relative to the material.
  6. The material will continue to be used or circulated pending a final decision.
  7. The requestor will be advised of the disposition of the request.

Revision History

  • Approved prior to 1985
  • Revised August 1990
  • Revised June 1, 2022