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Employee Vendors


Board Policy - DJ/DJD

No employee and no firm owned in whole or in part by an employee, will be allowed to sell to the district or to students of the district, goods or services of any kind without the expressed prior consent of the board.  

District employees and employee-owned businesses are required to  request permission in writing to sell goods or services to the District.  Businesses will be recommended for Board approval after review of the request determines the nature of the proposed transactions assist in supporting the goals of the District.  

All purchases from Board approved employee vendors must meet the District’s competitive bidding requirements and be acceptable in the best interest of the District. Request for approval as an authorized vendor to do business with the District is subject to annual renewal and is valid through the current fiscal year*.

Board Policy - GBEA SALE OF GOODS BY DISTRICT EMPLOYEES - No employee or a firm owned in full or in part by an employee shall sell goods or services of any kind to the district, to students or to parents without the express priorwritten consent of the Board of Education. 

* Applications for Board Approval must be received by May 15th for consideration for the following school year.