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How to Become Eligible to Sell to the School District

Thank you for considering a business relationship with the Thompson School District 

 Materials & Procurement Mission StatementProcuring value to the district, taxpayers and business community through fair competition, strong vendor relations and innovative solutions.  Registration Procedures All bidders are required to have a current vendor qualification form on file with the District's Purchasing Office prior to the issuance of any purchase order. It is the bidder's responsibility to regularly update its application with new addresses, telephone numbers, contact persons, and a current listing of commodities and services provided by the bidder.

Vendors or contractors wishing to do business with the District must read and complete both the Vendor Qualification Form/Application and a W-9 form.  The forms should be completed, signed and returned to the Purchasing Department per the instructions within the application. Once the completed paperwork has been received and approved, your company will be assigned a vendor number.  Please notify the Purchasing Department in writing of any changes in the status of your business.

 Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing AssociationFor the opportunity to participate in our Invitations to Bid, Requests for Information, Requests for Purchase and/or Requests for Quotes, you must be registered with Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association.  Please visit their website at for more details.