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Social Media Guidelines and Disclaimer

Thompson School District uses social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) to further the mission and vision of the District and regards social media as an extension of the District’s educational mission including the promotion of respectful and thoughtful civic discourse. The District uses social media to communicate information concerning the District and its schools, including school-sponsored events, programs, student and staff achievements and recognitions, and other school-related subject matters and topics. The District’s use of these sites is restricted to topics and content related to the legitimate educational purposes.

The District’s social media sites are regularly monitored to ensure that the sites’ use is limited to the purposes discussed above and organized in a manner that enhances navigation. Thus, even when there is an opportunity to comment on a District post, the District may hide or delete comments that are unrelated to the subject matter or topic of the original post, unsuitable for a K through 12 environment, inconsistent with the District’s educational mission, or interferes with the District’s obligation to provide a welcoming educational environment for all students.

Any comments expressed on District social media sites in response to District content do not reflect the opinions and positions of the District, its directors, or staff. Similarly, links to other internet sites that appear in comments of other posts should not be construed as the District’s endorsement of the content or views presented on those sites.