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Innovative Technology Services

Kelly Sain and two students looking at Spheros

The I.T.S. division empowers the Thompson School District community to grow into the future with innovative technology today. We strive to create technology infused environments where students use their digital tools to create, communicate, and critically think so students can thrive in this digitally connected world. By having digital access and equity our students will

  • become successful graduates in this increasingly digital world,
  • demonstrate their learning in meaningful ways, and
  • be encouraged to collaborate and connect with each other and global audiences.

30K+ TSD Help Desk requests resolved

14K+ student devices

2K+ telephones

23 Innovation Labs

Technology in Schools

ITS has been busy preparing devices, maintaining and upgrading infrastructure, and supporting bond projects over the summer.

Drawing of desktop computer, tablet, and phone syncing

Digital Access and Equity

Thompson's Tech4All program ensures students have access to digital tools. Thompson SD is creating learning conditions that enable students to reach their fullest potential.

Drawing of person reviewing different software applications in browser

Digital Tools

In the 21st century, education is complemented with digital resources and tools that support curriculum and creativity.

Drawing of child viewing online profiles that are locked

Digital Safety and Wellness

The district takes many steps to ensure that students are taught digital citizenship and protected from harmful software and actors.

Students looking at computer with board members

Innovation in Schools

Schools in Thompson School District are using cutting edge technology in innovation labs and career and technical education classrooms.

Collaborative Groups

Digital Learning Cohort

Professional Development opportunities to collaborate, learn, connect so we can provide students with engaging digital learning experiences.

Technology Advisory and Leadership Committee

Stakeholders across the district get together to collaborate, discuss, and make decisions about technology in TSD.

Latest Update

Erick Baumgartner

Effectively managing sharing permissions in Google Drive is crucial for maintaining a secure and organized collaborative environment. By understanding the different levels of permissions, you can ensure that files and folders are shared appropriately, keeping our data safe and secure while also facilitating seamless collaboration among teachers, students, and staff members.

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Enhancing Information Security in TSD
Kelly Sain

In today's digital age, cybersecurity is paramount, particularly in the education sector. With an ever-expanding online presence, the need to bolster defenses against cyber threats is more crucial than ever. This October, during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we focus on the increasing threats and attacks faced by K-12 institutions. Two new security campaigns are introduced to protect students, staff, and valuable data.

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Thompson School District Strive 2025 Strategic Plan graphic with four images of students and staff across the district

Strive 2025 Strategic Plan

Through digital tools, our students can demonstrate their learning in meaningful ways, including using the technology tools of their future.

Portrait of a Graphic graphic

Portrait of a Graduate

Technology can help students become better communicators, critical thinkers, collaborators, digital citizens, and advocates for their learning.