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Data Privacy and Security

The threat to our information assets has never been so great. Vulnerabilities range from a stolen laptop to denial-of-service attacks to a misconfigured password. Yet, small changes in behavior can have a huge impact on information security. That's why it's every employee's duty – from the executive level to the teacher in the classroom to make security a priority. These webpages aim to provide full transparency on how we protect our most important data – that of our students and staff. Please refer to data privacy agreements that govern the use of technology in TSD.

Safeguards taken by Google's Workspace for Education

Thompson School District uses Google accounts to provide students with a wide variety of applications for organization, communication, storage, and learning. These accounts are essential for the delivery of, and engagement with, our curriculum. We understand the trepidation some may feel about their children's use of applications managed by a large corporation such as Google. The services Google provides us are protected within a TSD domain that is different from, and stronger than, the protections afforded standard consumer accounts. Learn more about what Google does to keep student data safe and secure at the Google for Education Privacy and Security website.

Safeguards taken by Thompson School District

Thompson School District and the Colorado State Department of Education take data privacy and security seriously. Furthermore, listed below are procedures taken to support data security operations.

  • Vetting of all applications, extensions, web services, and software for data privacy compliance. 
  • Encryption of vital stored data and securing data access.
  • Authentication for users to gain access to devices and the network.
  • Communicating expectations and protocols to system end users.
  • Policies and guidelines created concerning the use of the Internet, intranet, and extranet systems.
  • Providing a layered defense to protect the network and its perimeter.
  • Audit and compliance monitoring.
  • Incident Response Plan developed to address breaches of sensitive data.

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