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BrainPOP Jr (grades K-3) and BrainPOP (grades 3-8) create animated resources that support educators and engage students - in school, at home, and on mobile devices. Content includes movies, quizzes, games, mobile apps, activity pages, and much more covering hundreds of topics within Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Technology, Arts & Music, and Health. All content is aligned to and searchable by state standards including Common Core.


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Screenshot of a movie about Mars playing in BrainPOP

Making Learning Stick

Engaging learning games, animated movies, and activities. Designed with relevance, depth, and humor to encourage kids in their unique learning paths. BrainPOP makes learning stick by helping kids connect complex concepts to real-world experiences.

Screenshot of the Make-a-movie feature with sprites on a baseball field background

Personalization and Accessibility

Learning is made visible through tools that challenge students to reflect, make connections, and engage in deeper, curiosity-driven learning. BrainPOP fuels a love for learning that leads to meaningful, measurable growth.