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Digital Tools Catalog

TSD Educators should use the Digital Tools Catalog to:

  • choose appropriate applications,
  • plan lessons,
  • provide tools for both teacher-directed and personalized student learning and
  • create blended learning opportunities for students.

If an educator does not find the resources they need in the catalog, they can request new apps, extensions, or web-based software/services by filling out the Digital Tool Request Form.

The vetting process includes:

  • discuss with your administration or tech team to assure alignment with your programs
  • apps that have a cost will need to be purchased through school budget (budget code will be required for approval)

Once a request is made, it will go to a vetting committee that will assess the resource and approve or deny it based on pedagogical, technical, and legal criteria. Most requests are approved quickly.

If approved, request app deployment on ITS Help Desk to load apps on iPads or Chromebooks.