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Ed Tech Tips & Tricks

YouTube Video Question Sets

Did you know you can now add questions to any point in a YouTube video that is added as a  Google Classroom assignment? Learn how to create interactive questions using YouTube and Google Classroom. 

Practice Sets by Google

Did you know about the new practice sets in Google Classroom? It allows you to create self-paced questions for students with immediate built in feedback. Want to learn more, check out this blog post by Google. Want more information, check out the practice sets by Google

Securly Web Link Collections:

Using Web links and adding them to a collection allows the teacher to quickly limit what sites students can visit while a Securly Classroom is active. Learn how to use collections from Securly.

Protecting your Data:

Learn more about ways to protect your own personal data using these tips and tricks. Common Sense Media has some great tips and tricks for protection personal data. 

Google Voice Typing:

It scribes as you speak. Have your students had the blank page syndrome? Use the embedded microphone to get them started. It is also great for taking notes, recording class discussions and reviewing the script to see if everyone is using academic language (tier III vocabulary), quick document generation and more!

  • Tools/Voice Typing/click the Microphone image

Smart Chips and Dropdowns:

The date, people and tasks, files, calendar events, and more can easily be inserted into your Google Doc file. Want a dropdown list? That’s available too. Developers are constantly adding tools, so check menus often. There is even a timer embedded for class discussions! For Smart chips and Dropdowns, look at the Insert menu and explore!

Check out our new Learn by Software Title Pages

Check out the ITS instructional software for you to use with students.

  • Nearpod - use this tool to create collaboration, formative assessment or engagement opportunities with content
  • Securly - focus your students' browsing using Securly. Learn how to limit or push out a set of links during class sessions
  • Google or Originality Reports check for authenticity of student content using Originality reports

Please see our new website pages and start your learning!

Create Appointment Slots with your Google Calendar

Creating a professional appointment slot booking page that allows the opportunity for others to schedule a block of time with you. Your booking page automatically updates to avoid conflicts with other events on your calendar. Steps

Google Meet Reactions

Did you know Google Meet now has new reactions available for you to use? Check out this resource from Google.

Images of emojis for google meet


Focused Browsing using Securly Web Link Collections

Did you know you can limit what students have access to by using Securly Web Link Collections?

Adding web links to a collection allows the teacher to quickly limit what sites students can visit while a Securly Classroom is active. Check out how to make your own web link collection.

Learn from Ed Tech Experts

How do you learn about all the features and keep up to date with Ed Tech? I always follow some Ed Tech Experts. One of the folks I consistently follow is Kasey Bell from @ShakeupLearning. Here is her latest tip on using Chips in Google Sheets.

Follow her so you can learn more timely tips and tricks!

Do you use chips, drop down menus? Check out this new Google Sheets Feature

You can now insert a drop-down menu, or what Google calls “chips.”

This is a great way to save time by entering information into a Google Sheet.

Instead of typing the same information over and over, use a drop-down with pre-determined choice selections.

Learn how in the short video.

Organize your Google Drive

Check out this slide show for tips and ideas to help keep Google Drive from being an unorganized mess.