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Focused Browsing Using Securly

Thompson School District uses Securly Classroom which helps teachers manage usage of their students' Chromebooks. With Securly, a teacher can monitor screens, restrict students to a collection of sites, and push out a set of links to the class at once. Securly also provides Securly Filter which filters content in any Chrome browser that a student logs into with their district account, regardless of whether the student is at school or elsewhere. This filter is in addition to other filters in place on the district network. There may be slight differences in what Securly filters based on the student's school.

Parents may create an account with Securly Home to monitor and add restrictions to their student's device outside school hours. Securly will also send parents weekly summary reports of their student's activity. While we hope this tool is helpful, no filter or device restriction is perfect, and we encourage parents to use other network management tools, such as parental controls built into their home router, if necessary.

Securly Classroom logo

Securly Classroom

Keep an eye on student screens and facilitate device usage in the classroom.

Securly Filter logo

Securly Filter

Filtering software used by the district, primarily on Chromebooks.

Securly Home logo

Securly Home

View and control your student's activity on their district device while at home.