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As technology continues to play an essential role in education, it’s crucial for our school district to invest in tools that enhance classroom engagement and facilitate seamless teaching experiences. The Vivi screen mirroring solution offers a comprehensive cross-platform experience, allowing teachers and students to share content effortlessly across various devices and operating systems.

TSD piloted Vivi in the spring and I.T.S. installed Vivi hardware on every TV and projector this summer. As we transition and offer training during the fall semester, feel free to use either Mirroring 360 or Vivi. Just select the appropriate HDMI input on your TV/projector to switch between the two. The former Mirroring 360 units will be removed during Winter Break.

Login to the Vivi Web App

Wireless Screen Mirroring

Play Content

Send content to your classroom's screen while you continue your work on your device. This enables you to play YouTube videos without the distractions of adverts or sidebars. If sharing a Google Slides document with interactive content such as timers, embedded videos, or transitions, note that the interactive content won't play.

Student Screen Sharing