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Infrastructure Team

The ITS Infrastructure department is responsible for many technology components within the Thompson School District that provide enhancement, security and accessibility for students and staff.

  • Network management for Safety, Security and HVAC control systems
  • Building intercoms, bell schedules and emergency notifications support
  • Data security and content management
  • Application support and data privacy compliance
  • Systems integration and software development
  • ITS Help Desk service

The Infrastructure department is a team of technical professionals dedicated to the delivery of reliable, stable solutions that exceed requirements and are aligned with goals of the district. Our mission is to have technology simply work, and not be intrusive.

We support...

100+ servers

300+ network switches

1,110+ classroom projection systems

2K+ telephones and voicemail boxes

Meet the Team

Profile photo of Lonnie Mason

Lonnie Mason

Infrastructure Manager

Network/Cyber Security

  • J.D. Walker
  • Erick Baumgartner

Systems Administration

  • John Hirschman
  • Jake Gibbons
  • Steven Carlson


  • Alicia Orebo


  • Bryan Lilly
  • Jay Noah

Help Desk

  • Gordon Palmer
  • Amy Calmbacher


  • Ben Bruno