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Elementary Device Checkout Agreement

Elementary Device Checkout Agreement

Using your device is a privilege, and any privilege comes with responsibility. Here are the expectations when you are using school devices. Students and families are required to follow the District’s Student Responsible Use Technology Agreement upon initial enrollment or at a school level change (elementary, middle school, high school).


“I” refers to student
“We” “You” refers to students and/or parents, guardians or families.

How should I use technology?

  • I will use my device when a teacher asks me during class, during my own study time or during breaks. 

  • I will use technology to support my learning with critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, curation, and digital citizenship (5 Cs) skills.

  • I will put my devices away when a teacher says it's time for a device break.

  • I will take care of any school devices as if they were my own.

  • I will take care of the school’s computers, tablets, and other equipment and only use them for school things, not play games or other stuff.

What should I do with technology?

  • I will use my device to learn and create new things

  • I will check information to verify that it is true

  • I will give credit to the creators of content that is not mine.

How should I interact with other people?

  • I will give credit to the people who made stuff I use but didn't create myself.

  • I will be a good online friend – always tell the truth and be nice to others.

  • If someone is bothering me, or saying mean things online, or showing things that are not okay, tell a teacher, counselor, or someone in charge.

  • I will let a teacher or adult know if I find something online that's not okay for me to see or read.

  • Follow the Student Responsible Use Technology Policy (JS)

What will I do to keep myself safe?

  • I will NOT give personal information, like where I live or my phone number, when using the Internet or talking online.

  • I will never use someone else's password or try to get into things I'm not supposed to.

  • I will not break or mess with the school's computers or the things saved on them.

We understand that…

  • We will take care of the device and its power cord. If it gets broken, lost, or taken, we have to pay for fixing it or get a new one. The school will tell us how much it costs on the Tech4All website.

  • The school can check and see what we do on the technology resources at any time, without telling us first.

  • District Technology must be returned:

    • When the student leaves the district

    • Prior a new device being issued (please see Tech4All Website)

    • If student violates board policy/district agreements

  • Using any school technology is a privilege that I must earn. If I don’t keep my part of this agreement, I understand that privileges may be removed for a time or I may face additional consequences.

Failure to return the equipment to the district will result in the district charging you the full replacement cost of any equipment not returned. Returned equipment is expected to be in good working order and in the same conditions as when it was issued, taking into consideration normal wear and tear.


TSD filters inappropriate Internet content on district technology both on and off the TSD network. However, because no web filtering is 100% safe, the district makes every effort to monitor online activity. You are encouraged to set boundaries, safeguards, and expectations for technology use at home that align with your family values.


We are responsible for district issued devices and accessories. If they are lost or stolen you are expected to report it to the school immediately. You may be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. Because TSD is the sole owner of district issued devices, repairs can only be made or facilitated through district processes. A loaner device will be issued as quickly as possible.

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