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Secondary Device Checkout Agreement

Secondary Device Checkout Agreement

Student use of the Internet, electronic communications and district technology resources are a privilege, and any privilege comes with responsibility. Here are the expectations for using your personal devices at school or anytime you are using devices provided by your school. Students and families shall accept the terms of the District’s Student Responsible Use Technology Policy upon initial enrollment or at a school level change (elementary, middle school, high school). Students are expected to comply with all requirements of District policies, including but not limited to, Student Responsible Use Technology Policy (JS).


“I” refers to student
“We” or “you” refers to students and/or parents, guardians or families.

Digital Citizenship

I am responsible for modeling positive digital citizenship. I will treat people with dignity and kindness when using technology and online. 

I will:

  • Be honest and ethical in all digital communications

  • Be kind and avoid making threats or insulting, gossiping or teasing others with cruelty while I am online or using a computer

  • Give credit to authors or sources when using information or ideas that are not my own. I know that failure to properly cite my sources of information is called plagiarism and is a form of cheating.

  • Not share personal information (either my own or another student’s), including where I live, details about family or friends (including names), my age, birthday, home address or telephone number on the internet.

  • Consider whom I am communicating with and think about how they might interpret my words.

  • Give constructive criticism and provide comments in ways that help others feel supported.

  • Use respectful and appropriate language without name calling or causing others to feel uncomfortable due to their gender, race, appearance, behavior or beliefs.

  • Fact check information before I share it digitally

  • Not impersonate others or try to trick people into thinking something I wrote was done by someone else.

Learning and Curiosity

I understand that school technology and resources are used to support my learning with critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and curation.

I will:

  • Use technology to learn new things

  • Use technology to complete school activities or assignments

  • Use my device to check information to verify that it is accurate

Personal Responsibility and Safety

I know that school technology resources and communication tools must be used properly and responsibly.

  • If I find content that is not appropriate, I will notify a teacher or trusted adult.

  • I will take care of the technology resource and all equipment as if it belonged to me.  

  • I will respect the district network security measures and Student Responsible Technology Use Policy (JS)

  • I will only log in to the computer or network with my own username and password

We understand that

  • We are responsible for the device and power cord. If the equipment is damaged, lost or stolen, we are responsible for the reasonable cost of repair or replacement as determined by the district and Tech4All Program costs

  • The district reserves the right to monitor, inspect, copy, review and store (at any time and without prior notice) all usage of district technology resources and accounts.

  • The district can revoke the use of district technology at any time if there is found to be violation of Board Policy and/or District Agreements.

  • District Technology must be returned:

    • When the student leaves the district

    • Prior to a new device being issued (please see Tech4All Website)

    • If student violates board policy/district agreements

Failure to return the equipment will result in the district charging the full replacement cost of any equipment not returned. Returned equipment is expected to be in good working order and in the same condition as when it was issued, taking into consideration normal wear and tear.


TSD filters inappropriate Internet content on district technology both on and off the TSD network. However, because no web filtering is 100% safe, the district makes every effort to monitor online activity. You are encouraged to set boundaries, safeguards, and expectations for technology use at home that align with your family values. 


You are responsible for district issued devices and accessories. If they are lost or stolen you are expected to report it to the school immediately. You may be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. Because TSD is the sole owner of district issued devices, repairs can only be made or facilitated through district processes. A loaner device will be issued as quickly as possible.

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