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Digital Learning Cohort

Welcome to the first ever Digital Learning Cohort. TSD Ed Tech is committed to supporting teachers, students, and administrators in the meaningful use of technology in education. To that end we have developed individualized professional learning cohorts to collaborate, learn, connect so we can provide students with engaging digital learning experiences. 

Our Digital Learning Cohorts support Strive 2025 by providing learning outcomes;

  • that through digital tools, our students can "demonstrate their learning in meaningful ways", including using the digital tools of their future. 
  • By having access to digital tools, Thompson SD is creating "learning conditions that enable students to reach their fullest potential." 

We will collaborate together and create instruction that is both engaging and creative. As we continue to support Tech4All and digital learning experiences for our students, we recognize that technology is a key tool for growth and success.

This year we will focus on the following during our four professional development days together this year;

  • Google Classroom (shared learning experience)
  • Digital tools & differentiation based on your skills and needs
  • Voice and choice for student & staff creation
  • Creating community through collaboration & sharing with job alike peers