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Repair Information

Schools will be place fines in Infinite Campus for device repair costs. Please see the information below for costs as devices are broken.

Student device damage and loss is handled by the procedures described in this internal Student Device Damage Procedures document.

Repair Costs for TSD Chromebooks

Part replacement

Part Name

Part Price

Screen $47
Top Cover $24
Bottom Cover $18
Battery $26
Bezel $16
LCD/Camera Cable $8
Camera $7
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Daughterboard $15
Hinge Set $11
Keyboard/Palmrest $38
System Board $117
Speaker $4
Touchpad $10
WiFi Card $4

Full device replacement

Device Type


Thompson Online $300
Red and yellow tags (1-2 years old) $250
Blue and green tags (3-4 years old) $160

Repair Costs for TSD iPads

Part Name


Screen Protector $8
Case $32
Full device replacement $250