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Unified Programs

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Inclusion of and Belonging for EACH Student, ALL day, in Thompson School District!

The Unified Sports approach was started by Special Olympics and is now utilized worldwide. In Thompson School District, we believe that inclusion and a sense of belonging should be part of EACH child’s school day, after school activities and clubs, and playing sports.

Unified Programs are supported by the Athletics and Activities Department, Exceptional Student Services Department, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Department. Amazing TSD school staff throughout the district lead the programs in many of our schools.

In Spring 2024, the district hired a Unified Programs Coordinator to continue to scale up these programs to continue to build inclusive and supportive learning environments.

Just as training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding, creating conversations and connections on a daily basis in schools and after-school activities will do the same. The four focus areas of Unified Programs include: 1) Sports, 2) Whole-School Engagement, 3) Youth Leadership, and 4) Inclusive Health.

History of Unified Programming in Thompson School District


First page of the PDF file: UnifiedSportsGame1_31_24_1


In partnership with EDI, ESS, and Athletics and Activities, this event was held to promote Unified Sports and inclusion in TSD. The basketball included a lively pep band, cheerleaders, giveaways, and more to ensure a super fun atmosphere. We extended invitations to our Board of Education members, Superintendent, District Administrators, students, staff, and community.