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Educational Stability Program

Kid with Backpack - Educational Stability Grant

The TSD Educational Stability Grant is a 3-year grant awarded to Thompson School District in 2019.

The intent of the Educational Stability Grant Program is to provide academic and social-emotional services and supports to highly mobile students. The purpose of this funding opportunity is to remove educational barriers and support educational stability.  The emphasis is on improving school attendance, reducing behavioral and discipline incidents, increasing grade-level promotion, reducing dropout rate, and increasing graduation and completion rates.

Goal of the Program

To improve educational experiences and outcomes for the following student populations that are negatively affected by high mobility:

- Foster Care (or out-of-home placement)

- Homeless/Unaccompanied homeless youth

- Migrant

Educational Stability Program Staff

Jena Trowbridge, Educational Stability Program Specialist
(970) 613-5028

Shelly Fletcher, Educational Stability Program Specialist
(970) 613-5016

Jean Mullett-Hosey, Data Technician

Erica Wooldridge, McKinney Vento and Child Welfare Liaison
(970) 613-6787

Amber Arens, Federal Programs Coordinator 
(970) 613-5785

For more information about the grant, please visit CDE's website: