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Health Advisory Council

Thompson School District Health Advisory Council

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First convened in 2007, the Thompson School District Health Advisory Council is a volunteer committee that makes recommendations for Health Services Department procedures and protocols (such as health office supply lists, health office procedures, and recommended responses to new legislation or other requirements for school and early childhood health services). This council also makes recommendations for procedures and/or policy changes for larger issues which involve multi-school or multi-department approval. However, these recommendations are then reviewed by all the affected departments and final decisions regarding implementation and verbiage are the result of interdepartmental processes within the school district and/or approval by the School Board.

Purpose statements:

  1. To ensure a healthy and safe educational community
  2. To facilitate student learning and educational achievement
  3. To integrate school within the community through active partnerships with agencies, community institutions, and families all working to overcome barriers to learning (Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child—WSCC model)

The chairpersons of the Thompson School District Health Advisory Council are both the district Health Services Coordinator and the Early Childhood Health Coordinator.

Members on the Thompson School District Health Advisory Council include various physicians/medical professionals, a parent representative, a public health representative, appropriate school representatives, an emergency medical services representative, and representatives from various other community agencies involved with and caring for children, such as the local health department and other health care and child care organizations.

Anyone interested in council membership should contact one of the Thompson School District Health Advisory Council chairpersons.