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School Based Health Center SBHC

Sunrise Thompson School Based Health Clinic

In 2020, The Thompson School District partnered with Sunrise Community Health and SummitStone Health Partners to open the Sunrise Thompson Health Clinic, located between Con Ball Middle School and Mary Blair Elementary School. Increasingly, students in our community experience disparities in the ability to access critically needed health services. As a result, physical, social, emotional, behavioral, and academic outcomes may be negatively impacted. Providing access to these services for children and adolescents creates an equitable opportunity to learn and grow.

What is a SBHC?

School-based health centers (SBHCs) are primary care clinics situated on primary and secondary school campuses in the United States. Most SBHCs provide a combination of primary care, mental health care, substance abuse counseling, case management, dental health, nutrition education, health education and health promotion. They reach at-risk populations in a location that is safe and convenient. This is accomplished through collaborative efforts between the school district and the community health partner.

What are the benefits of a School Based Health Clinic?

  • School Based Health Clinics remove barriers and provide convenient access to quality care.
  • Students can be seen before, after, or during the school day to avoid unnecessary absences.
  • Thompson School District nurses, who know their students and families well, can provide a meaningful bridge of care through a close collaboration.
  • Without access to the SBHC, families are forced to seek care at urgent care/emergency departments, increasing out-of-pocket costs and impacting continuity of care.
  • Providers create a lasting continuity of care from intact/assessment through diagnosis, treatment, and future follow up.
  • Because of the center's connection with Sunrise Community Health, low and no-cost visits may be available to qualifying families.
  • Telehealth visits are also available.
  • Many centers offer same-day appointments or permit walk-ins. Another benefit SBHCs offer is that parents and guardians may not have to take time off from work.

Address: Sunrise Thompson School Based Health Clinic
2880 N. Monroe Ave.
Loveland, CO 80538
Phone: (970) 613-6800