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The Thompson School District (TSD) adopted eduCLIMBER (eduC), an online software interface, that houses student data (including data walls and dashboards) and several Student Plan types.

These include: Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs), English Language Development (ELD) or "Multilingual Learner" Plans, READ Plans, and Student Improvement Plans (SIPs). Additional other "Plan" (Form) Templates may also be available as TSD expands eduC usage district-wide.

  • Historical Context: Before Fall 2021, such plans were held in software called Alpine, which was discontinued by the company. At that time, all student plans were held within one "Thompson Student Plan" (TSP). Students' 2020-2021 TSPs were included as archived attachments in Student Profiles in eduC.
  • Previous year (2021-2022) eduC plans can be viewed through accessing smartFORMs (also available in the Student Profile or through viewing through the smartFORMs tab).
  • With eduCLIMBER, plans do exist independent of each other - not as one master plan (i.e., the old "TSP"). In eduC, the learning Plans are called "smartFORMS". These allow for entering information in fields that have been set up as empty text boxes or drop-down menus.
  • Guidance and tutorials for how to use the provided plan Templates are intended to present "step-by-step", sequential approaches to using eduC. Several are included on this page (below).
  • Additionally, data reviews are viewable in the system, and there are features available to track interventions and organize meetings. Some of those resources have been included here or are accessible upon request. If you are seeking something you do not find here, please email

The creators of eduCLIMBER have been intentional about making explicit its benefit for MTSS implementation. This web-based resource provides opportunities to engage directly with all of the MTSS Essential Components, with clear connections as a "Comprehensive Screening and Assessment System" for Data-Based Problem Solving and Decision-Making

NOTE: Some of this Guidance is from 2021 - 2022. Some updates have been made, but more may occur, as needed.

Each educator in TSD should be able to log on to eduCLIMBER (eduC) with a few simple instructions: 

  • Open the: eduC website
  • District Code: 1568
  • Click Sign-in with Google.  
  • What you will see when you are logged in is a pop-up window.
  • Read it, and click "okay". Then, you will see your entry "launchpad" page (i.e., the dashboard).
  • (You may choose to bookmark this page for ongoing/later access.)

This is a 1-minute tutorial about logging in and basic introductory navigation.

Staff: Please use this form to request changes to your eduC or FastBridge account information if you are noticing something is inaccurate in your permissions.

How to Navigate to see Students and their Data

2021-2022 info: How to View Attached (former) Alpine Plans

The following video was created 2021-2022, and it is accurate. However, you may notice a few slight differences in text fields for 2022-2023. 

As needed, consult the complementary document that follows ("Entering & Documenting...") for current year screenshots.

Additional READ information:

  Intervention Feature information (2022-2023):

Collections Feature (2022-2023):

Vendor (Illuminate) Help page for the eduCLIMBER (eduC) interface

  • This page is "searchable" for topics related to eduC.

How to add Accommodations (google doc)

How to add Accommodations (video) 


How to Enter a Student Improvement Plan (SIP) - Video

Resource:  TSD Assessment webpage

In addition to using eduCLIMBER, we have access to FastBridge for select users (with student licenses for specific grades). FastBridge is owned by the same company as eduCLIMBER, and the software have some integrated features, mostly in relation to progress monitoring and intervention. To request more information, email

FastBridge (help) searchable topic vendor website

 (This webpage was initiated October 2021. Information has been - and will continue to be - updated/revised over time.) 

* If there are questions, please direct those to: